About the Authors

The Authors

Charles and Kay Bascom have worked together as a team – in overseas medical missions in Ethiopia and Sudan, in Christian education, and in writing.

Dr. Bascom originally developed The Messiah Mystery as a year-long course. When it was requested in writing, Kay undertook that process. Her earlier book, Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia, chronicles the experience of Ethiopian believers under the Marxist regime. Aware of what can happen to the believing community in any society, Kay’s motivation for writing The Messiah Mystery has been, in part, to leave the next generation a legacy of belief.

The later companion studies, ALL and IN and THEREFORE, provide an alternative vehicle for investigating the meaning of the Messiah enriched by the Old and New Testaments’ inseparable disclosures. The plays were developed to enrich the learning experience.

Dr. and Mrs. Bascom have worked repeatedly in East Africa. Presently they continue to live in Manhattan, Kansas after retiring from KSU faculty, and are blessed by three grown sons and seven grandchildren.

Who created the Messiah Mystery Resources?

We would answer that as “authors” we feel like we’ve been grout in the joints of a huge mosaic of many faces – people whose gifts and commitments were freely given to help create something to God’s glory, for His sake. The Artist creating the mosaic has been the mysterious dynamic of our living Lord.

The Spirit of God at work in His people’s hearts generates all kind of creations that are gifts for the Body of Christ – whether in song, or on paper, or however. What emerged over the years of our daily times in the word of God began to grow into classes, and the classes into books, all with the assistance of our sons, friends, and especially members of our local church. It was a twenty-year process carried along by many co-laborers - whether by being in the classes, or helping to bring the studies into print, or encouraging their spread. Many faces are in the mosaic of those who in the beginning reached us, taught us, inspired us; those who were hungry for the fullness of God’s Messiah; those who prayed, experimented, encouraged, critiqued, edited, proofed, underwrote, gave a platform for teaching, taught classes themselves, acted parts in plays, motivated, digitalized, designed, enabled PDFs, Power-Points, web-mastering and more. These all fanned the embers of hope that our combined efforts could be usable to God’s glory. The Spirit of God enlivened us in the creative process of encouraging response to the Messiah, our mutual compass point.

A website puts resources into the public arena in today’s mode. www.messiahmysteryresources.org is coming to life in 2010 through people who contributed their technical skills to give the materials increased exposure. Now we pray for the website’s testimony and its usefulness. Those who access the site play their own role as they search for reality found in God’s appointed Messiah and pass on the torch of faith in their own ways. We are a fellowship who will meet one day in the presence of our Lord. We have glimpsed His eternal purpose and we wait on tip toe, confidently expecting Him to bring all His purposes to amazing completion IN Christ.