Ethiopia-Related Books - evidences of the Messiah's ongoing work today

By Kay Bascom

Ethiopia Ablaze

Ethiopia Ablaze - The Triumph of a Higher Sovereignty
unpublished, 1999, 340 pages. Held in the Archives of SIM, International, and EKHC, Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Ablaze is a record of a faith community in Ethiopia during the Marxist revolution, informed by over a 100 Ethiopians interviewed, whose stories are woven through the chronological account from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia

Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia
William Carey Library, 2001, 166 pages

Hidden Triumph could be a chapter right out of the book of Acts. Against the backdrop of Ethiopias’ tribulation under a cruel Marxist regime, the book follows the life of an unlikely hero, crippled Negussie, whom terror could not silence. Selected out of a larger work, the author chose Negussie’s true-life story as a short representation of that era’s triumph.

Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia

Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia (Amharic language translation)
SIM Publishing, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 178 pages

Through the vehicle of Negussie’s true story, Hidden Triumph reveals God’s people's spiritual victory during the Marxist era in Ethiopia. (Translated by Sahle Tilahun into Ethiopia’s Amharic language.)