The Messiah Mystery

Panorama of Biblical Truth

Messiah Mystery Book

The Messiah Mystery unveils a panorama of biblical truth that can be life-shaping. The Biblical story is a single unit, yet its sheer length and diversity are discouraging or intimidating to many.

The authors weave together the strands of the Old and New Testaments, focusing on what makes them inseparable – the Messiah. Beginning at Creation and moving through history, this investigative approach throws light on God’s eternal purposes revealed progressively in the Old and New Covenant periods. Is Jesus a deceiver, or the long-awaited answer to man’s deepest need? The Messiah Mystery gives readers a way to investigate that crucial question.

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Charles and Kay Bascom, 325 pages, LSI, revised 2006.

Recommendation for The Messiah Mystery

“Of all the studies I’ve taken, the Messiah Mystery study has been the most fruitful study I’ve ever had.”

- Jean Akin, a class member

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Messiah Mystery CD

The Messiah Mystery: in 24 lessons, on CD, with each chapter’s key points, visuals, verse references, etc.