Reviews & Recommendations


Descriptions from those who have studied The Messiah Mystery:
“well-researched,” “allows for skepticism,” “alerts to God’s mystery’s clues,” “unifies all His story,” “deepens faith,” equips for teaching,” “awakens hope,” and “can be life-changing.”


“The Messiah Mystery is a well-written, scholarly piece of work, well-documented with references and footnotes. It’s the most unique book I’ve read revealing Christ through the Old Testament rituals, feasts, and Jewish traditions. I’d like to see it used in training pastors and undergraduates in Christian colleges.”

- Judson Swihart, PhD, author and counselor

“Before exposure to The Messiah Mystery, I had been ignoring two-thirds of the Bible because I had trouble understanding the relevance of the Old Testament to me and even to the New Testament. God has not only opened the Old Testament to my heart, but He has also revealed His purpose from the beginning of time through the ages. The Bible has become much more whole for me, less fragmented. As my understanding has grown, so too my awe and faith and trust have grown that He will fulfill His promises.”

- Karla Watt, a MM course teacher

“My husband and I are doing this study together, finding it not just deeply challenging, but inspiring to us in new and unexpected ways. This is not a study for the faint of heart; it explores various themes that draw the Bible together, giving us new insights into Jesus our Messiah and the message He has for us. This would make an excellent advanced adult bible study for the days in which we are living.”

- Nancy Johnson, Ethiopian missionary

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