About THEREFORE - Tracing through God’s revealed Word, committed to believing it, and therefore living His life out indwelt by His Spirit as our own generation draws nearer to the Messiah’s return.


Therefore... let us throw off everything that hinders... let us run with perseverance... Let us Fix our eyes on Jesus...“ Hebrews 12:1, 2.

THEREFORE's 12 inductive Bible studies are designed to look at both Testaments as a unified story progressing toward God’s goal. Based on the facts our Lord has revealed, which are therefore trustable, how therefore are we to live out His life in our own experience, to His glory? Considering today’s situation, why have the Church and the Jewish people become so divided, and how can this be healed? What are believers to expect as we anticipate our Lord’s return? THEREFORE alerts us to our own chapter of God and Man’s redemptive history in the process of being completed, and perhaps quite soon.

Kay Bascom, 160 pages, Olive Press Publisher 2017, $17.95.